Plant-Based, Real Food Recipes, Urban Gardening, Food Security & the Power of Nature

Welcome to my blog that is dedicated to the pursuit of delicious & healthy comfort food, recipes that stand the test of time and information for living a life well nourished.

I want this website to be a hub of information where everyone can find resources, useful books, recipes and inspiration. Creating community and following one’s joy are, in my mind, the absolute necessities of life. My joyful path takes me into nature.

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Growing food, feeding others, and sharing the fruits of my labour nourish my mind and soul. Nature and all it’s wonders inspire me on a daily basis to eat well, to breathe, to be a good steward of the earth, and to ensure food security for all.

Check out Food Security Resources here. 

Food security for all is perhaps a lofty goal, but grassroots initiatives such as urban gardens continue to show the world that immediate quality-of-life changes can happen when we put our minds and backs into them.

Read more about our Front Yard Urban Garden Project here.

I hope that you will join me on the path to creating abundance, joy and nourishing food in your part of the world.

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This blog is a channel for my enthusiasm for great food, great recipes and cookbooks, both new and old. It is also my way of showing support for sustainable agriculture & locally sourced, organic foods. My family and I grow our own food using organic agriculture principals as much as we can and support our local, small scale growers & producers by purchasing their fresh, organic produce.

Although I have been concerned about the planet and the damaging repercussions human behavior has upon our finite resources since primary school, it dawned on me within the last 5 years that we are in fact utilizing our natural resources (water, lumber, agricultural land) frivolously, carelessly and even dangerously. It was at that time, that I began to grow my own food in earnest as a way to reclaim some of my power as a consumer and as an inhabitant of the planet.

Read about inspiring grassroots Urban Agriculture Projects around the World here.

A dozen eggs doesn’t need to be uniform and large, meat doesn’t need to glisten with red dye, fruit and vegetables can be unattractive and deliciously nutrient dense and most certainly, food doesn’t need to be laden with refined ingredients such as sugar.

I am inspired by those who love to get their hands dirty in the garden and use those simple ingredients to make wonderful home cooked meals. This blog is dedicated to all the amazing home chefs in my life who have taught me so much and to those who care about the future of our planet by acting ethically in the present.

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I am a relentless seeker and tweaker of  recipes. Sometimes, I develop my own recipes especially when it comes to avoiding things like gluten, sugar and dairy.  Comfort foods are essential to my way of life and good recipes are worth finding, developing and writing down for future generations.

Check out my Favorite (mostly) Plant-Based Recipes here.

Several years ago, the cooking bug really bit me hard when I was in New Orleans and visited a little shop called The Kitchen Witch on Toulouse Street in the French Quarter.  It was pouring rain out and I dove into this shop to get some reprieve. The owner of the shop, Philipe La Mancusa, turned out to be a  professional chef who taught at one of the New Orleans Culinary Schools. Unfortunately, the school was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The shop was a quirky and eclectic collection of cookbooks, art and music. We shared our enthusiasm for cookbooks and cooking while I changed my infant daughter’s diaper on his table. He proudly showed me pictures of his three granddaughters whose names were so beautiful I almost stole them for my other kids.

Check out my list of books for Connecting Children with Nature here.

To make a long story short, I bought a first edition Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen cookbook originally published in 1984. I wanted a book that truly embodied the local cuisine and Mr. LaMancusa promptly suggested Louisiana Kitchen.  For this, I am very grateful. Not only are the recipes staples for any kitchen but the whole book weaves Prudhomme’s life story, culinary philosophy and commitment to fresh food throughout and is truly inspirational. It is a cookbook that I refer to over and over again.

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My hope is that you will find joy and inspiration here as well as some good recipes. It’s not enough to just read, YOU Have to Leave a Comment! It’s your way to leave a mark on this world you live in.



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Simple food, made with real ingredients!


Make your own Chocolate Coconut Beach Balls or Strawberry Easy-As-Pie and top it off with some amazing Frozen Fruit Ice Cream!

From my dessert loving heart to yours, enjoy!


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